CrossFit & Strong WOD Fri Dec 20th 2019

Please note we start limited hours on Monday!


A.) EMOM x 16min.
Odd: 5 Hang Power Snatch  (Climbing)
Even: 15/12 Cal Row (Every other round do 12 Toes-To-Bar)
*Big classes can have 3 groups all start on something different, Snatch, Row, TTB
Rest 3min.

B.) EMOM x 16min.
Odd: 5 Hang Power Cleans (Climbing)
Even: 15/12 Cal Row (Every other round do 12 Toes-To-Bar)

Round 1 is: Hang Snatch + Row
Round 2 is: Hang Snatch + TTB
Round 3: is Hang Snatch + Row
Round 4: is Hang Snatch + TTB
Same deal with the Cleans.

15 Toes-To-Bar

This is meant to be kind of a longer conditioning workout so don’t kill yourself on the weights. Climb a LITTLE, but preferably you pick something that’s 70% effort and stick to it the whole time. Try to not sub out the row for anything else today. If there’s a lot of people, just stagger the TTB with the rowers.

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then

Pigeon pose: 1 min each leg
1 min each side


Friday 12/20 – Upper Body
Part A and B repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. DB Floor Press
3 sets of 6 reps
*Increase weight from 3×9 last week

B. Alternate Movements:
3 sets of 8 reps for each movement
*Increase weight from 3×10 last week
Barbell Seal Rows
Rest 1-2 min
Seated DB Overhead Press
Rest 1-2 min

C. Towel Pull-ups (alternate side to side each rep)
-Choose Rep scheme based off “Max Standard Pull-ups Unbroken”
>20 Pull-ups = 6 sets of 8 reps
15-19 Pull-ups = 6 sets of 6 reps
10-14 Pull-ups = 4-5 sets of 6 reps
5-9 Pull-ups = 6 sets of 4 reps
3-4 Pull-ups = 6 sets of 2 reps
2 Pull-ups = 8 sets of 1 rep
For those that cannot do Pull-ups, scale with one of the below options and use one of the above “rep/set targets” based on the difficulty of your chosen scaled movement
Rack Pull-ups
Band-Assisted Pull-ups

D. Alternate Supersets x 2 Rounds:
Barbell Upright Rows x 10-12 Reps
Superset DB Lateral Raises x 12-15 reps
Rest 2 min then proceed to DB Flies
Flat DB Flies x 10-12 reps
Superset Two-Pushup Burpees x AMRAP 30 sec
Rest 2 min then return to Upright Rows

PART E OPTIONAL, depending on fatigue

E. Superset x 2 sets each:
EZ Bar or Barbell Squat-Sit PreacheSr Curls x 10-12 reps
Lying DB Tricep Extensions x 10-12 reps
Rest 1-2 min

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