CrossFit, Strong, Sweat WODs Friday April 26th 2019

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A.) Thruster
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
10 Pull-Ups
3 Thrusters (climbing)
immediately into;
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
8 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
2 Thrusters (climbing)
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
3 Muscle Ups
1 Thruster (climbing)*This is a great day to practice your Kip or Butterfly since the #’s are so low. Scaling can be 10/8/6 with just pull-ups the whole time. Try to hit a Max Thruster by the end.

*ADV all pulling movements should be strict (pull ups, chest to bar, muscle up)
B.) For Time:
100 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35
50 Power Cleans 105/75
*EMOM 7 Wall Balls 20/14*Start with the Wall Balls
*You may break up the snatches and cleans in any format you like 🙂

*ADV 30/20lb ball
*Time CAP: 16min.


Upper Body (Full Upper, Pull Dominant)

Part A stays similar week to week. Track the metrics for progression

A. Alternate movements x 4 sets each:
Note new rep scheme for Part A movements
One-Arm DB Rows (knee on bench) x Reps 12-9-6 (increasing) + 1 x 15 backoff set
Rest 2-3 min after both arms
Dips x Reps 7-5-3 (increasing) + 1 x MAX REPS with BW
Rest 2-3 min

B. 4 Sets of Upper Body Pulling (Rest 1-2 min between sets)
Choose level
Easiest – Assisted Pull-ups or Rack Pull-ups x 6-8 reps per set
Intermediate – Strict Pull-ups x 6-8 Reps per set
Advanced – Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups x 6-8 Reps per set

C. 3 Rounds:
Leaning Laterals –
10 Reps Hang DB Muscle Snatch (LEFT)
Superset: 15 Reps Leaning DB Lateral Raises (LEFT)
Rest 2 min
Repeat for opposite arm
Rest 2 min

D. Incline DB Bench Press – Build QUICKLY to challenging set of 10 reps

E. Chipper For Time and Quality:
For all movements, use the SAME DB weight that you achieved in Part D for 10-reps and rest as needed to complete all sets and reps unbroken
30 Cal Row OR Run 600m
16 Rows (chest supported on bench)
8 Incline DB Bench Press

24 Cal Row OR Run 400m
12 Rows
6 Incline DB Bench Press

18 Cal Row OR Run 200m
8 Rows
4 Incline DB Bench Press



For Time:
Wall Balls (20/14)
Box Jumps (24/20″)
American Kettlebell Swings (53/35lb)

*Run 400m After Each Set

This is the classic Hero WOD called, “Morrison,” but with a 400m run added in.

Time CAP: 35min.

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