CrossFit, Strong & Sweat WODs Fri May 3rd 2019

Probably the last day to start this Challenge! You are already 644 reps behind!


A.) Booty Day Superset! Back Rack Lunge & Lateral Lunge

Back Rack Lunge 5 Reps on each leg (10 total)


5 Lateral Lunges on each leg (10 total)

Rest 60-90sec. Bewteen Sets
*Start at medium weight and climb. Do as many sets as you can until a 20min. clock is up.

B.) 15min. AMRAP:
10 Cal Assault Bike or Row or 200m Run
10 Wall Balls 30/20
2 Squat Cleans at 50% of 1RM]
*Every 2 Rounds add 5% to the bar.
*So it goes like this:
– Round 1 and 2 is 50%
– Round 3 and 4 is 55%
– Round 5 and 6 is 60%… and so on…
*Scaled is 135/95 the entire time.


Upper Body (Pull Dominant) + Lower Body (Hamstring Dominant)
Part A stays similar week to week. Track the metrics for progression

A. Alternate movements x 5 sets each:
Note slight change in protocol rep/scheme for part A movements
“Stop” Deadlifts – Reps 5-4-3-2-2 (increasing each set to tough double)
Rest 2-3 min
Chin-ups (supinated, palms facing) – Reps 5-4-3-2-2 (increasing each set to tough double)
*Choose rings or bar, and stay consistent week to week to gauge progress
Rest 2-3 min

Parts B and C use a “landmine” setup. You can emulate the landmine by sticking it into the hole of a bumper plate on the ground (also can anchor it by placing a heavy DB handle over it), or by putting 2 heavy plates together and putting the bar in the middle on the floor. DO NOT put it against the wall, it will ruin it.

B. Landmine “Double Leg” RDL – 3 x 15 (see video demo)
Try to focus more on the stretch and contraction of the hamstrings and glutes over total load. After the heavy DL in Part A, there is no reason to tax the low back with additional “heavy” volume

C. Landmine “Meadows” Rows (single arm)
Reps 15-12-10 (increasing weight, PER ARM)

D. EMOM x 10 min (alternating):
Russian KBS x 10-12 Reps (heavy)
Barbell Hip Thrust x 8-10 Reps (sustainable weight across all sets)

E. Wall-Balls x 50 Reps UNBROKEN
Choose the proper weight for the ball so that it will challenge you to make 50 reps unbroken


Every 7min. x 5 Rounds:
400m Run
60 Double Unders
30 Overhead Squats 45/35lb bar
20 Pull-Ups

Score is slowest time! Try and stay consistent!

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