CrossFit, Strong & Sweat WODs Fri July 5th 2019

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A.) Push Press (Week 3 of 4)
Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

75% x 5
85% x 3
Few attempts at a 1RM!
*Make sure you don’t jerk it! Knees bend for the push and then they never bend again! They only straighten and lock out as your arms lock out.

10-15 GHD Sit-Ups between sets
5 Heavy Sandbags Over The Shoulder between sets. Try the 100 if you can. Advanced peeps can do 10 if you want a little more sweat going on. I just wanted to throw these in bc we don’t get a chance to do these in WODs and it’s fun.

B.) 18min. to finish…
Front Squats 75/55
American KB Swings 53/35
*5 Strict Pull Ups after each set (5 total)

*ADV is 5 Weighted Pull Ups after each set
*Make them strict no kipping, use a band or do  hard ring rows if you can’t do pull ups.


Upper Body Hypertrophy
No necessary specific metric-tracking for hypertrophy day

A. Incline DB Bench – 8 reps EMOM x 8 min @ 20X0 tempo
At approx weight for 15-16 reps (fatigue accumulation)
Note 20X0 means: 2 sec to lower weight and no pause at top or bottom of rep
(approx 20 seconds of work time)
B. One-Arm DB Rows (with or without bench)
Reps 15-12-10 (per arm, increasing)
Note that SOME momentum is necessary to get the most out of this movement. Stay STRICT on the lighter sets, and then allow yourself some explosiveness on the heavier sets

C. Superset x 2 sets each:
Decline DB Flies x 10-12 reps
Max unbroken Pushups (Goal for 10-15 reps) *elevate hands to scale
Rest 2-3 min
D. Superset x 2 sets each:
*scale as rack pull-ups if “AMRAP (-2)” is less than 5 reps
Wide-Grip Pull-ups x AMRAP (-2) = 2 reps shy of failure
Inverted Rows x 12-15 reps
Rest 2-3 min
E. Superset x 2 sets each:
DB Lateral Raise x 10-12 reps
Seated DB OHP x 10-12 reps
Rest 2-3 min
Optional, time permitting:
Reps 20-16-12-8 For Time and QUALITY:
The “Time” component means to move quickly between movements (minimizing rest) but the QUALITY component means to still perform the final two movements at a controlled tempo
Assault Bike Cals
Hang DB Snatch (switch arms at halfway each set)
Lying DB Tricep Extensions
Hammer DB Curls


2 Rounds:
25 Cal Bike
25 DB Deadlifts 70/50/35s

2 Rounds:
25 Cal Row
25 Box Jumps 24/20″

2 Rounds:
25 Shuttle Runs
25 Wall Balls 20/14lb.

100 Russian Twists with 35/20lb DB
*Left+Right= 1rep

Ladies: 18 Cals for all cardio pieces.

Earn that rest break by going fast! Can’t finish each section with enough time to get a break? Just cut the numbers a little.

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