CrossFit & Strong Mon Oct 28th 2019

Controlled articulations rotations! Improve mobility and control of upper body joints. Create a repeatable warm up tailored to you. Lower body coming next (December).


A.) Every 2min. x 8 Rounds:
Row or Run 200m or Bike .4 miles
2 Power Snatch (climbing)

*Power or Squat is fine.
*Start light and build up. Gotta move quick though and touch and go reps are preferred.
*Ladies Row 150m or Bike .3

B.) Emily For Time:
Alt. DB Snatch 50/35
10 Wall Balls 30/20
50 Double Unders
*Get good at these snatches, as I feel they coming soon for one of the next open workouts.

Time CAP: 15min.


Cool Down:

2 min easy cardio then

1 min each side
1 min each leg


Monday 10/28
Upper Body Hypertrophy
A. Incline DB Bench Press x Reps 15-12-10 (increasing)
Superset final set only with Max Push-ups or Ring Push-ups UNBROKEN
(goal for 8+ reps on Push-ups, so adjust difficulty accordingly)
B. Neutral Grip DB Seal Rows x Reps 15-12-10 (increasing)
Superset final set only with Straight-Arm Banded Pulldowns x 15-20 Reps
C. DB Arnold Press
1 x 15 (light)
2 x 10-12 (heavier, approx 1-2 reps in reserve; RIR)
D. Alternate Movements x 2 Rounds:
Leaning DB Lateral Raises x 12-15 reps per arm
Rest 1-2 min
Strict Pull-ups x 6-10 Reps
(adjust difficulty so that you have 2-3 reps left in reserve on first set)
Rest 1-2 min
Banded Pushdowns x 12-20 Reps
Rest 1-2 min
E. AMRAP 6 min:
DB Hammer Curls x Reps 10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5-5-5-5
Narrow Push-ups on DB Handles x Reps 10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5-5

***The 5’s just continue until the 8-min period is over. So first round is 10 of each, then next round is 9 of each, then 8 of each. Etc…. continue until you reach 5 of each and then maintain 5’s for the remainder of the 8-min period.

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