CrossFit & Strong Mon Dec 9th 2019

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A.) 20 Rep Breathing Back Squat (Week 4 of 20 Rep MAX )
You guys should know the deal. (read my description 3 weeks ago if need more info)

Work up to a heavy double or single, then try and add 5-10lbs onto whatever you did last week. If you failed, try the same weight or lighter. You only get 1 shot at this. The muscle soreness should be getting better from week 1. Dig Deep!! Proud of everyones number so far!

B.) 15min. AMRAP:
10/8 Cal Row or Bike or 100m Sprint
10 Toes-To-Bar
2 Squat Cleans at 50% of 1RM

*Every 2 Rounds add 5% to the bar.
*So it goes like this:
– Round 1 and 2 is 50%
– Round 3 and 4 is 55%
– Round 5 and 6 is 60%… and so on…
*Scaled is 135/95 the entire time.

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then:

2 min each side
2 min each side


Monday 12/9 – Upper Body
Part A and B repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. DB Floor Press
3 sets of 9 reps
*Increase weight from 3×12 last week

B. Alternate Movements:
3 sets of 10 reps for each movement
*Increase weight from 3×12 last week
Barbell Seal Rows
Rest 1-2 min
Seated DB Overhead Press
Rest 1-2 min

C. 3 Rounds:
First round lighter, then final 2 rounds with heavier loading
10-12 Reps DB Incline Bench
Superset 5-6 Reps Pull-ups (weighted as feasible)
Rest 1-2 min
10-12 Reps Barbell Curl
Superset 5-6 Reps Dips (weighted as feasible)
Rest 1-2 min

Those that cannot perform 5-6 Pull-ups/Dips without assistance should use bands or other scaling variation to produce fatigue in slightly higher rep range (7-10 range)
Rack Pull-ups
Band-Assisted Pull-ups

D. AMRAP 90 sec (Rest 2 min) x 3 sets:
10 DB Lateral Raises @ 20X0 tempo (set length = 20 seconds)
8 Burpees Lateral Over Rower
Max Distance Row


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