CrossFit & Strong Mon Aug 19th 2019

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Special edition Workshop coming at cha from Dr Jereme. All the mobility, strength and speed drills to improve your Clean.


A.) Back Rack Lunge (Superset) with Lateral Barbell Lunge
*Take back lunge out of the rack, 8 reps on each leg. Take your time and do not rush the movement. Climb to the heaviest weight you feel comfortable hitting today.

* Take lateral lunge from the floor, complete 8 reps on each side. Build as heavy as you’re comfortable going. Slow and controlled reps. Get BELOW parallel!

Demo Video:

B.) 16min. EMOM:
Min. 1) 15/12 Cal Row or bike or 200m Run
Min. 2) 20 Wall Balls 20/14
Min. 3) Max Effort Pull-Ups
Min. 4) Rest

*ADV is 20/15 Cals
*If you can do the ADV so that the minute rest feels needed.


Monday 8/19
Lower Body Strength

DELOAD WEEK For all movements, you should leave 5+ “reps in reserve” on the hardest sets (i.e. 5+ reps SHY OF FAILURE) The overall training volume will be slightly lower, but the intensity should definitely be 15-20% lower than a normal week. It is crucial to rest and recover at this point of the cycle as the weights are ascending and cumulative fatigue is high (impact on CNS)

For parts A and B, make sure the weights start SUPER light. The first set of each should essentially be a warm-up set. The goal is to keep fatigue low, so try to think of the final two sets as the only “work sets”

A. Back Squat – 4 sets of 8 reps
Increase weight first 2 sets, then 2 x 8 at same load

B. Dorian Deadlifts – Reps 10-8-6
Increase weight each set
Note that this is a HYBRID movement between an RDL and a standard DL.

C. Squat Cleans – EMOM x 10 min:
First 3 minutes – 3 reps (light/moderate)
Next 3 minutes – 2 reps (moderate)
Next 3 minutes – 2 reps (slightly heavier)
Final 1 minute – 1 rep (heavier)

D. Back-Rack Lateral Lunges (Reps are TOTAL, not per side)

1 x 20 reps with BW only
1 x 16-20 reps with empty barbell
1 x 12-16 (light weight)
1 x 10-12 reps (moderate)

E. Hanging Flutter Kicks
AMRAP 30 sec (Rest 30 sec)
AMRAP 20 sec (Rest 20 sec)
AMRAP 10 sec

F. Ring Plank Hold
Accumulate 2 min as quickly as possible. If you can do unbroken, go for it!

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