CrossFit & Strong Fri Sept 6th 2019

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Prevent injury and improve your mobility with our daily cool downs. Find them at the bottom of each WOD. Keep in mind these are to be done outside of class time and one your own out of the way of the next class.


A.) 20min. Window:
6-8 Push Press (Heavy as possible)
15 Toes-To-Bar
15/12 Cal Assault Bike or Row or 300m Run
Rest 90sec.
*Should be getting 5 sets or more. Depends on how fast you finish the pieces. Record your heaviest weight lifted for the Push Press and 6 or 8 reps acheived. Hit that cardio hard (80-90% effort). Rest and repeat. You may climb in weight a little or keep the same weight the whole time. YOU are the main factor of how hard you make this today. Regardless it’s been a hard week and we need a different stimuli.

B.) 12min. to finish…
100 One Arm Devil Press 50/35lb. DB
Only need 1 DB in your hand. Do your burpee with the 1 DB still in your hand, pop up, drive the DB in your hips, and snatch it overhead. Like a regular Devil Press, but it’s with 1 DB.

Cool Down:

Stretch it out! Hold each for 15-20 sec or for 5 big breaths each.


Upper Body Strength
Parts A and B remain similar throughout the cycle. Track these metrics.

A. Alternate Movements
Rest as needed between sets of each to ensure loading and quality movement
As usual, remember to begin the cycle with weights that are about RPE 7 and leave room for improvement week to week
Bench Press
Ramp-up sets as needed, then 2 x 4-6 for work sets
Ring Pullups (scale as “Rack Pull-ups”)
Ramp-up sets as needed, then 2 x 4-6 for work sets

B. Strict BB OHP
Ramp-up sets as needed, then work sets of 3×3 @ the SAME WEIGHT
increase weight following week when you make all 3×3 with same loading
***Fractional plates will be key to continue progress.

C. Kroc Row
Work QUICKLY (low volume of build-up sets) to heavy 8-10 reps per arm

D. Parallete or Kettlebell Handle Push-ups
Two sets of MAX REPS @ 31X1 tempo (Rest 2-3 min between sets)
***The goal is to complete 8-12 Reps as a “max set” so you should add difficulty (if needed) by elevating feet and/or wearing a weight vest.
***As usual, scale by elevating the hands to make an easier angle of push
***Note that 31X1 = 3-sec descent, 1-sec pause at bottom, EXPLODE UP, 1-sec pause at top

E. 12 Rounds (6 min cap):
1 Heavy DB Snatch (right)
1 Burpee
1 Heavy DB Snatch (left)
1 Burpee

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