CrossFit, Strong and Sweat WODs Friday June 21st 2019

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8 & 9am classes will have a special WOD written by Neil called “Farewell” so you can thank him for all the Saturday fun you’ve had with him.
July 10th Join us for our clinic of the month with PT Dr Jereme to tell your lower back pain to SUCK IT! (Part 1) click the photo to register!


A.) Push Press (Week 1 of 4)

Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps


10-12 Hang High Pulls with power clean grip
*Think of it as an upright row with a little hip hinge. Working the shoulders hard today.
*Go to failure on the last set

B.) 8 Rounds For Time: (25 min Cap)
8 Cal Row or Bike or 30 ft Shuttle Runs
8 Box Jumps 30/24″
8 Burpees
8 Alt. DB Snatch 70/50
This will be a deload/recovery week. The training should be performed with loads that ensure 5+ RIR (reps in reserve). So we want to make sure to be 5 reps “shy of failure” and more or less just go through the motions of training to let the CNS recover before the new cycle starting 6/24

As a general rule, you should approach training at the same pace as a brisk walk or slow jog. Leave the gym feeling like you got a small endorphin rush. If you say “wow, that was a great workout” then you worked WAY TOO HARD!

A. 4 Rounds:
Keep weights light and rest only 1-2 min between sets
Strict Barbell Overhead Press x 12-15 Reps
Strict Pull-ups x 1 minute of movement (no reps close to failure)
B. 3-4 Rounds:
Keep weights light and rest only 1-2 min between sets
Barbell Bench Press x 10-12 Reps
Bentover DB Rows x 12-15 Reps
For DB Rows, let the scap depress and hang loose (stretch) at bottom of rep and arch to contract at top. See video for proper movement pattern 3 Rounds:
Keep weights light and rest only 1-2 min between sets

DB Lateral Raises x 12-15 Reps
DB “PJR” Pullovers x 12-15 Reps
Standing Barbell Curls x 12-15 Reps


A.) Every 6min x 5 Rounds:
400m run
30 wall balls (20/14lb.)
20 DB lunges (35/20s)Rest 3 min.

B.) TABATA (20 sec on/10 sec off) x 8 rounds
Banded lateral walk
(Alt every step, so left, right, left, right… etc)
Immediately into…
C.) TABATA (20 sec on/10 sec off) x 8 rounds
“A” Squats

*For the banded walk, keep the band around your ankles and push your knees out. Never bring your feet completely back together. Always leave about 12 inches of space during every step.

*For the TABATA, you’re staying at each station for 4min. So that whole section is 8min. total.

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