CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat & Da Daily D WODs Tues April 14th 2020

Captive Bingo! Part of the QuaranTeams challenge. You have 2 more days to compete and get a bingo for your team or blackout your card!


A.) Split JerkĀ 
20min. to complete:
5 Sets:
5 Split Jerks
immediatley into;
5 Weighted Pull-Ups (Not Chin-Ups like the past few weeks)
*Sets do not count until you are at a good percentage. Should be around 70% effort for set 1.
B.) 3min. AMRAP:
3 Devil Press 45/30s
6 Pull-Ups
9 Box Jumps 24/20″
1min. Rest x 4 Total Rounds (16min. total)

For scoring, just start where you left off on the previous round. That way at the end. you have 1 solid score and you don’t have to add a bunch of numbers up.

If you’re pretty slow at these movements, go with 2/4/6 rep scheme.


All you need today is a pair of socks and a floor surface that slides!

3 Rounds:
20 Lateral Lunge Slides (right leg)
20 Lateral Lunge Slides (left leg)
20 Regular Lunge Slide (right)
20 Regular Lunge Slide (left)
20 Glute Bridge + Hamstring Curl Slides
20 Pike Up Slides
20 Alternating Flutter Kicks with a leg grab (L+R=1)
20 Mountain Climber Slides (L+R=1)

Workout Demo:
*Coaches check Wodify in the morning for demo.


3 Rounds:
1min. of max effort Alt. DB Snatches
10sec. Transition
1min. of max Cals on the Bike or no push up burpees
10sec. Transition
1min. of max DB Sit-Ups
Rest 2min.

Rest 5min. (Including the 2min.)

3 Rounds:
1min. of max effort DB Bench Press
10sec. Transition
1min. of max sumo deadlift high pulls
10sec. Transition
1min. of max DB Russian Twists
Rest 2min.

*Snatches are 50/35lbs
*Bench is 45/25 or more
*Russian Twists are 35/25

Little different kind of pace workout than usual because of the length and amount of movements from yesterday.

While yesterday was a long grinder, today is a bunch of short sprints with rest. NEEDED. So make sure you go hard on those sections and earn that rest. With the right intensity, you’ll get a lot of today.


Da Daily D:

A.) 20min. EMOM: (All in the same min.)
6 Alt. DB Lunges 45/30s
6 Air Squats
6 Toes-To-Bar or V-ups

Fun little challenge for you guys/gals!

Ideally you are looking for a 35-40sec. work window to keep this sustainable for 20min. so be sure to pick the right numbers.

Too easy? Try 8s
Too hard? Try 4s


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