CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat & Da Daily D WODs Thurs May 7th 2020


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*3min. AMRAPs. x 2min. Rest

*RX is 95/65
*ADV is 105/75

1.) 20/15 Cal Bike or Row 15/12 cals
Max reps Hang
Clean and Jerks (alt. every 5

2.) 25 burpees
Max Alt. Lunges

3.) 15 Squat Cleans
Max Reps HSPU

4.) 20 Hang Power Snatches
Max Russian Twists with plate (45/25)

5.) 20 Front Squats
Max Reps Muscle-ups (Scale:

6.) 50 Air Squats
Max Reps Push Jerks

7.) 20 Burpee Deadlifts
Max reps reverse burpees holding a plate (45/25)

8.) 30 TTB
Max Reps Hang Power Cleans

*You need to go HARD on each one or it’s worthless. Get your mind right and lets go!

*Also, I am sorry that you are doubling up on some movements today, but I thought it would be fun to make a big throwdown type of workout to elevate some spirits out there!
We will be back on track with a more synergetic flow next week 🙂

A.) 0-15min EMOM:
Min 1: 20 Air Squats
Min 2: 45 sec knee plank hold
Min 3: 15 Burpees

B.) 18-30min
AMRAP 2 min
15 Sit Ups
15 Air Squats
Max reps jumping air squats in the remaining time
Rest 1 min and repeat for 4 rounds

C.) 33-45 min
20 Step Ups on a chair or bench
Max reps of alternating contralateral V-ups in remaining time
Rest 1 min and repeat for 4 rounds


EMOM x 35min.
Min 1: 12 Burpees
Min 2: 15 DB Push Press 50/35s
Min 3: 12 Shuttle Runs
Min 4: 12 Reverse Burpees
Min 5: 15 Plate Sit-Ups 25/15+
Min 6: 10 DB Power Cleans 50/35s
Min 7: 1min. Plank on your hands

For the Plate Sit-Ups, you are going be lying flat on your back, arms extended holding the plate… Sit-Up to the sky and back down. Arms always extended and pointed straight up.

Da Daily D:

12min. AMRAP:
10 DB Front Squats 45/30s
5 Toes To Bar or V-ups
10 DB Lunges 45/30s
5 Toes To Bar or V-ups

Rest 2min.

For time:
100 Hip Thrusts with 45/30lb. DB on you lap. Hold each rep for 1 solid second at the top.

Butts and Guts kinda day. I know the hip thrusts may seem kinda lame, but they are going to make your bum seriously sore and def help you make some gains, trust me!


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