CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat & Da Daily D WODs Sat May 16th 2020


35min. to finish… When 35min hits the clock, it’s over. Stop. It doesn’t mean you suck if you don’t finish. Just means I programmed a little too much. I haven’t done this one yet.

For Time:
50 Cal Row
40 Burpees
30 Cal Assault Bike
20 Power Snatch (below)

Rest 2min. Repeat 4 times

Round 1.) Power Snatch
Round 2.) OHS
Round 3.) Power Snatch
Round 4.) OHS

*Weights: 115/75
ADV 135/95
ADV+ 155/105
Pro 185/135

*So… There’s a little bit of rest programmed in for today AND I expect you to take that rest. If you do these right you’re really going to need/want it. PLUS that’s the stimulus today. Try to stay within 1min. of each round and try and keep the same weight on the bar for both movements. If you truly can’t then switch out the weights during the 2min rest.


“Death by 10 meter sprints”
Minute 1.) One 10m Sprint
Minute 2.) Two 10m Sprints
Minute 3.) Three 10m Sprints
… And so on until you fail.

This is actually REALLY tough once you get to around 10. Have fun!

Part 2.) Full Body Circuit
Accumulate a 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
100 Air Squats
Immediately go into;
Another 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
100 Regular Push-Ups
Immediately go into;
Your last 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
10 Wall Walks

(*If you break on the hollow holds it’s ok, just try and have a short rest and get back on it! Inevitably everyone will break at some point)



Get as far as possible in 35min…
3 Rounds:
400m Run
29 Back Squats (95/65)

immediately into;
3 Rounds:
400m Row
29 Push Press (95/65)

immediately into;
3 Rounds:
25/18 Cal Assault Bike
29 SDHP’s (95/65)

*Time CAP: 35min.
*You may not finish this one and that’s fine. Just make sure you pick a weight you can move through. 75/55 is probably a better RX for most of you. Regardless the goal is to start on whatever section you want and just get as far as possible.

Da Daily D:

For Time:
400m Farmer Carry with (2) 45/30lb. DBs
Immediately into;
7 rounds of:
10 Toes-To-Bar
10 Sit-Ups (Feet Anchored in DBs)
10 Push-Ups
Immediately into;
400m Farmer Carry with (2) 45/30lb. DBs

Wanna supersize it? Do 800m Buy in and cash-out Farmer Carries 🙂
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