CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat & Da Daily D WODs Mon June 8th 2020

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Temperature readings and New Mask rules start on Monday! We will also be taking temperatures before entering the gym.  While walking into the gym and around the gym you need to wear your mask but if you are in your lane you can lower your mask or remove it but it needs to remain on your person so that it can be put on quickly and easily. If this rule is abused and not followed we will have to reenstate masks at all times. Don’t be the person who f’s this up for everyone else.  You all have been amazing about keeping the sanitation standards and I expect no problems! Thank you all so much for your continued support and help pioneering a new normal in the gym.


A.) SUPERSET: Back Rack Lunge & Barbell Good Mornings
4 Sets:
Lunges 5 reps on each leg (climbing in weight each set)
Immediately into;
Barbell Good Mornings 10-12
*Keep the weight lighter here and work on good form and getting a solid hamstring stretch. Probably around 95/65lb. should be good.
B.) 7min. AMRAP:
30 Double Unders
15 Wall Balls 20/14
30 Double Unders
15 American KB Swings 53/35

Rest 1min.

7min. AMRAP:
20 Double Unders
10 Wall Balls 20/14
20 Double Unders
10 American KB Swings 53/35


3min AMRAP:
1 Pistols Each Side
7 Hand Release Push Ups
9 Sit-Ups

Rest 1min. Repeat for 5 Total Rounds. (20min.)

*If you plan on scaling this workout to a chair or a box, then do (2) reps on each leg instead.

I just really love the 3x1min. style with the right movements. You can easily move fast and you get a TON done in 20min. Hope you enjoy this one!

Pistol Demo:

Scaled Pistol Demo:



Da Daily D:

3min. AMRAP:
60 Double Unders
20 Alt. DB Snatches 45/30lb
Max Toes-To-Bar in remaining time

Rest 90sec. Repeat x 5 Rounds

Score is just the TTB
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