CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat, & Da Daily D WODs Fri June 12th 2020

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Temperature readings and New Mask rules effective immediately! We will also be taking temperatures before entering the gym.  While walking into the gym and around the gym you need to wear your mask but if you are in your lane you can lower your mask or remove it but it needs to remain on your person so that it can be put on quickly and easily. If this rule is abused and not followed we will have to reenstate masks at all times. Don’t be the person who f’s this up for everyone else.  You all have been amazing about keeping the sanitation standards and I expect no problems! Thank you all so much for your continued support and help pioneering a new normal in the gym.


16min. Running Clock…
1000m Row or 800m Run
Immediately into;
Working up to a heavy Snatch
At the 10min. Mark…
Complete as many Pull-Ups as possible.
At the 12min. Mark…
Complete as many Push-Ups as possible.
At the 14min,. Mark…
Complete as many Air Squats as possible.

Rest 3min.

Same Workout, except working up to a heavy clean and jerk.

For scoring, you get 1lb. added to your OLY Total per bodyweight movement completed in those amraps.

Heaviest snatch – 100lb.
Heaviest c+j – 100lb.
Air Squats – 100
Pull-Ups – 50
Push-Ups – 50
Score = 400


Every 90sec. x 10 Rounds:
10 Shoot Throughs
10 Quarter Squat Jumps (Right Leg)
30 Seated Flutter Kick With A Clap
10 Quarter Squat Jumps (Left Leg)

Advanced: 15 Rounds
Trying to be shredded by tomorrow? 20 Rounds (30min.)

At some point you may start to fail to get all of that done in 90sec. No problem! Just push it back to 2min.

Video Demo:


20min. to finish…
50 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35lb.
40 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Push Press 75/55
200m Run
10 Wall Climbs
200m Run
30 Push Press 75/55
40 Box Jumps 24/20
50 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35lb.

Rest 5min.

2 Rounds:
1min. of Plank
1min. of Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
1min. Side Plank (30sec. ea side)
1min. Non Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
1min. Rest

Ideally I don’t want anyone to actually finish part 1, but get really close. If you know you can finish then bump the weight up to 95/65lbs.

Da Daily D:

10 Rounds:
10 TTB
10 Alt. DB Lunges 50/35s
* After round 5, switch to 10 Close stance DB front squats (holding 1 DB vertically)

If you have it, bump up to a 70/50lb. DB for the Squats.
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