CrossFit, Bodywork, Sweat and The Daily D WODs Wed April 1st 2020

Last day for Coach Jessie’s challenge! Continue to check your facebook groups for updates!

Zoom Bodyweight WODs M-F at 7am, 12pm, 4pm & 6:30pm

Saturday 9am

ZOOM Equipment WOD at 5pm M-F. (you just need a KB, DB or weight of any kind)

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A.) Deadlift (Week 1 of 4)
Complete a few warm up sets, and then:
65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps
*In between each set complete 5 strict CHIN ups (underhand grip). Add weight here if you can. Use a belt with KBs or Plates. If you are going light, a 10 or 15 lb. plate between your legs works well.
B.) 3min. AMRAP:
6 Cal Assault Bike
6 Front Rack Lunges 95/653min. AMRAP:
6 Pull-Ups
6 Front Squats 95/65

3min. AMRAP:
6 Cal Assault Bike
6 Front Rack Lunges 95/65

3min. AMRAP:
6 Pull-Ups
6 Front Squats 95/65

1min. Rest After Each Section.


“Butts and Guts Marathon”
Min. 1) Plank
Min. 2) Max Glute Bridges
Min. 3) Max Russian Twists
Min. 4) Max Fire Hydrant (Right)
Min. 5) Max Fire Hydrant (Left)

Repeat for 4 Total Rounds. (20min.)

I would like to ask a few things of you:
1.) Do not rush the glute bridges. Bring your hips up and hold for a second before you come down (like in the video I linked)
2.) You can go faster on the fire hydrants, but still, don’t go crazy fast. And I know what you’re thinking… This movement looks “dumb.” I thought so too, but it works the side of your glutes like nothing else if bodyweight is all you’re working with. SO GET EXCITED about some damn fire hydrants :)Fire Hydrant Demo:

Glute Bridge Demo:


Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
300m Row or 15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
12 DB Bench Press 50/25s
7 Pull-Ups

Part 2.) “Ab Burner”
6min. to try and finish…
10 Plate Sit-Ups (25/15lb.)
10 Bodyweight Russian Twists
20 Plate Sit-Ups (25/15lb.)
20 Bodyweight Russian Twists
30 Plate Sit-Ups (25/15lb.)
30 Bodyweight Russian Twists
40 Plate Sit-Ups (25/15lb.)
40 Bodyweight Russian Twists

Daily D:

5 Rounds:
6 Devil Press
12 Russian Twists w/DB (L+R=1)

4 Rounds:
10 Renegade Rows (ea. arm)
20 DB Deadlifts
60 Double Unders

Optional Cash Out!
5min. AMRAP:
Max DB Sit-Ups
*Holding your DB overhead like this:

Weight 45/30s


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