CossFit & Strong WODs Wed Oct 2nd 2019

New classes coming in October! Women’s classes in the evenings and more kids classes!
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A.) EMOM x 10min.
3 Power Snatch

Immediately into;

B.) EMOM x 10min.
3 Power Cleans
Choose between 2 options:
1.) Stay at one weight the whole time and work on being crisp!
2.) Keep increasing weight and decreasing reps. So, do 2 reps for a few minutes and then singles at the end with the heaviest weight you can.
*Score is heaviest sets combined. RX+ is 1 reps combined. RX is 3 reps combined.

C.) 10min. to finish…
Deadlifts (225/155)
Box Jumps (30/24″)
ADV 275/185
ADV+ 315/205

Cool Down:

200m Jog and 200m Walk then 1 min of each on each leg


Wednesday 10/2
Lower Body Hypertrophy
No necessary specific metric-tracking for hypertrophy day

A. DB Sumo “Range of Motion” Squat (on risers)

4 sets of 10-12 reps
First set lighter, then final 3 sets with challenging weight with 3-4 reps left in reserve (RIR)

B. Front-Rack Lunges x 2 sets of triple drop set
This is how it works:
12-16 Steps Weighted (6-8 per leg, alternating)
immediately drop 20-30% of the weight
Continue until it is similar difficulty to the first set
Immediately drop another 20-30% of weight
Continue until similar difficulty to prior sets
Then Rest 3-4 minutes and repeat once more

C. Weighted Hip Extensions
Reps 20-16-12 (increasing weight)
First set with just BW
All reps with 1-sec pause/contract at top

D. 3 Rounds, where each round is different:
For Wall-Balls, choose the heaviest ball or hardest variation that allows you to complete all 15 reps unbroken on each round

First Round:
15 Wall-Balls
10 Ab Pikes on Rower
Assault Bike to MAX OUTPUT ASAP then stop and Rest 2-3 min

Second Round:
15 Wall-Balls
10 Lying Leg Raises (DB between feet)
Assault Bike to MAX OUTPUT ASAP then stop and Rest 2-3 min

Third Round:
15 Wall-Balls
10 Strict Hanging Leg or Knee Raises (hardest variation possible)
Assault Bike to MAX OUTPUT ASAP then stop

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