Dr Coach Jereme Schu

CrossFIt Coach & Physical Therapist
Dr Coach Jereme Schu


Jereme comes to us from his own practice, Bespoke Physical Therapy where he helps people stay healthy and recover from injuries.  He is our go to injury preventor and fixer! Jereme’s fun personality make his classes ones you don’t want to miss.  Jereme also runs monthly workshops at the gym to improve your performance and prevent common injuries and give you tools you can use in your daily routine to keep your body feeling great. You won’t want to miss his classes and your body will thank you (and him) for his specific and targeted warm ups that involve many of his signature physical therapy exercises and stretches. Jereme is just as much fun while coaching as he is to workout with, you’ll lose your marbles trying to keep up with him but it’s a good time either way.

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