Friday May 10th 2019

The Daily D:

Metcon (Time)
For Quality, but also moving quick!

DB Renegade Row R (50/35)
DB Renegade Row L
DB Push Press R
DB Push Press L
Toes to Bar

*You may use a 70/50 for the rows if you’re strong there and you have it available 🙂

Thursday May 9th 2019

The Daily D:

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10 MIN AMRAP (70/50/35)
10 DB Deadlifts
30 Double Unders

Rest 5min.

10 MIN AMRAP (70/50/35)
10 Goblet Squat
30 Double Unders
*Every other round, do 10 Lunges instead of squats

Wednesday May 8th 2019

The Daily D:

Metcon (No Measure)
5 Rounds of:
20 DB Floor Press Alternating (10 each) (50/35)
10 Pullups

Rest 2min.

5 Rounds of:
10 DB Clean & Press
10 Burpees

Rest 2min.

Cash Out:
50 DB Russian Twist (L+R=1)

Tuesday May 7th 2019

The Daily D:

Metcon (No Measure)
10 Rounds:
*50/35…Try 70/50lb if you have it.10 Alternating DB Snatches + 100m Sprint! + 10 Burpees

*You need to run hard to make this work! Big day today. Go find a track somewhere outside and bring a friend if possible 🙂

Rest 90sec. Between Each Set then;

5 Rounds: (Not for time, but try and do everything unbroken)
15 DB Bent Over Rows each arm
15 Push-Ups in the DBs


Monday May 6th 2019

The Daily D:

Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata (20sec of work by 10sec of rest x 8 Rounds. Stay at the same station for all 8 rounds. NO REST, and go right into the next station. Goal is to get 8-10 reps for every 20sec of work.)

Try 45/30lb DB or 50/35 if you have it.

*Only Need 1 DB (do 4 rounds on each side and then switch)

1.) Single Arm Russian DB Swings

2.) Single Arm Power Cleans

3.) Single Arm Deadlifts (Try not to lean to one side. This works your core big time!)

4.) Front Rack Lunges (hold in a goblet squat position)

5.) Single Arm Front Rack Squats


Sunday May 5th 2019

Sunday Funday:

Spend 30-60min. doing something active today.

Options can be something like swimming, running, biking, surfing, etc….

Personally I LOVE doing hill sprints once a week here.

6-8 Hard Sprints up a hill that takes 20-30sec.

Rest 3-4min.

Friday May 3rd 2019

Probably the last day to start this Challenge! You are already 644 reps behind!

Da Daily D:

Metcon (Time)
For Time:
50 Jumps onto something 20-24″ high. OR 50 Tuck Jumps
50 DB Swings
50 Push-Ups
50 Walking Lunges (Bodyweight)
50 Sit-Ups (Use your DB if you want to make it harder)
50 DB Push Press (25 each side)
50 Super-Mans
50 Air Squats
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders*Use 45/30s…
*Advanced 50/35+
*Go as FAST as you can!

Optional Extra Credit:
3-4 Rounds:
1min. Plank
immediately into;
50 Russian Twists (bodyweight)
*Make sure both hands touch the ground on both sides immediately back to the plank. No rest.


Thursday May 2nd 2019

Da Daily D:
Metcon (Time)
Every 5min. x 7 Rounds:
Choose 1 (400m Run, 500m Row, or 25 Cal Assault Bike)
29 Goblet Squats with a 45/30lb DB

*DB “Manion”
*OTM version of a CrossFit Hero WOD
*Score is slowest time


Wednesday May 1st 2019

Start tracking your reps today to get to 10k!!!

Da Daily D:

Metcon (No Measure)
4 Giant Sets:

DB Floor Press to failure (45/25s or more)
immediately into;
100 Double Unders
immediately into;
40sec. of Max DB Bent Over Rows (right arm)
20sec. Rest
40sec. of Max DB Bent Over Rows (left arm)
Rest 2min.

Rest 5min. (including the 2min.)

For Time:

50 Devil Press 45/30s